Reignite yourself – your team – and your business

Accelerate your future in 3D!  Register now for strategically designed LEGO® building leadership programs.

Leading To Unlock LLC helps adults reignite themselves and their organizations through hands-on LEGO® brick hard-fun building exercises in an accelerated format to deliver immediate results.


What’s in it for you?  Our leadership programs and consultative services help you and your organization build more ownership and accountability awareness, innovation and problem-solving skills, continuous improvement techniques, change readiness and resistance planning, expense reduction and efficiencies.

Our Programs

    1. Introductory: Building Bricks for the Future (4-hours session)
    2. Full Course: Building Bricks for the Future (Five – 4-hour sessions)
    3. Transformation: Rediscover Yourself through Play (4-hour session)
    4. Team Leadership: Unlock the Magic! (4-hour session)
    5. Play for Growth (customize for your organization)
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1. Introductory Session: Building Bricks for the Future

Business team work building a puzzle. Buuilding business concept. Isolated

Sometimes it’s nice to have a ‘taste’ of what a program looks-like and feels-like before registering for the entire program.


This session gives you an experiential sampling from the 5 elements of the full Building Bricks for the Future Program before registering.


2. Full Course Sessions: Building Bricks for the Future


This program is designed for the entrepreneur and small business owner.  This experience uses LEGO® bricks and a certified LEGO® Serious Play® professional who facilitates the building exercises.


You leave with sound business principles, clearly defined goals and objectives, and a well defined growth plan for your business all while having some hard-fun!


3. Team Leadership – Unlock the Magic!


This fun and creative method using LEGO® bricks aligns your individual leadership talents with team leadership techniques.  It is a great way to plan for resistance behaviors and to unlock your change management skill sets.


We leave you revitalized and more excited to lead your team.

Contact us for customized options for your team or organization. 


4. Transformation: Rediscover Yourself through Play


This is ALL ABOUT YOU!  Rediscover what is important to YOU for your personal and professional journey, improve your communication skills, unlock your confidence, creativity, and potential from within.


Come have some fun and hands-on play with LEGO® bricks.  Reignite the fun in your day!


5. Play For Growth

Wooden signpost with two opposite arrows over clear blue sky Old Business Way and New Business Way Business change conceptual image

You know you need a plan for the future, but it feels time consuming and who knows if it will work?  If you build it will they actually come?  How will you get your team on board and aligned with your vision?


Our customized sessions are designed specifically for you, your team, and your organization.  These facilitated sessions help you challenge assumptions, identify gaps, investigate viable alternatives, and create your execution plans for the future.

Then by sharing these aspirations in 3D with your team, everyone has the opportunity to see the vision and understand where they contribute to the overall growth of your organization and where they feel they add value.


Let us help you.



White Paper

LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) was originally a thinking, communication, and problem solving technique for groups.  The LSP Method has evolved to help adults use LEGO® Bricks to construct a metaphorical 3-D model of business challenges in a playful manner.

The LEGO® Bricks coupled with knowledge and story-telling unlock what is unseen in regular communication interactions.  The bricks give your brain hands.  Download the white paper to learn more about this amazing method and see how it can help you or your business reach goals quicker and more profitably.


“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford