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Full Course: Building Bricks for the Future

From: $3,500.00


Building Bricks for the Future is a 5-step program designed for the entrepreneur and small business owner.


This experience uses LEGO® bricks and a certified LEGO® Serious Play® professional who facilitates the 3D building exercises.


While attending you can take immediate action to improve your business.  You leave with your unique story, a strategic plan, and an immediate executable strategic plan for your business.


The program includes a set of bricks, light snacks, FIVE 4-hour building sessions, and a workbook to capture your thoughts, reflections, learning points and actions to be taken.  CT Location to be determined.


If you are interested in using a Coach during this program to help you with accountability or to be a sounding board, please contact us  to reserve time.


Please be sure to click the additional information button below the calendar to see more specifics about the 5-step program.

Sessions will be held from 8:00am-12:00pm



Please choose the first date in the course-set you would like to attend in the calendar below when checking out. This will register you for all FIVE sessions on the dates listed.

You’ll attend each course (all five sessions) on the dates below.

Oct 06 – | – Nov 10 – | – Dec 8 – | – Jan 12, 2024 – | – Feb 9, 2024



Additional information

The first session focuses on the core values, mission and vision for your organization.  We explore what makes your business special and why this specialty is important to your organization’s future and your customers.  If you already have one or more of these elements, then you have the ability to enhance and embellish their purpose to your business and to the marketplace.


The second session focuses on defining your target market(s).  We identify your core customers and create a marketing plan and roadmap for your business.


The third session focuses on understanding the systems for the company.  We consider the systems within your organization, both technological and non-technological.


The fourth session focuses on the growth journey for the company.  We investigate long-term, mid-term and short-term plans and goals.


The final session creates the execution plan for what has been defined in earlier sessions.  You leave with a defined and executable plan AND your business infrastructure to reach the goals and behaviors you have built throughout the program.