Unlock Your Potential

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Transformation: Rediscover Yourself through Play

From: $699.00


This event is a Spa Day for Your Soul and is ALL ABOUT YOU!


Invest in yourself and your future.  Gain a better understanding of your strengths and how they can propel you into the future.  These exercises can help you prepare for your annual review, to build résumé depth, or to create your development plan for the future.


This four hour creative program allows participants to rediscover what is important to their personal journey, improves communication skills, and unlocks confidence, creativity, and potential from within.


Come have some fun and hands-on play with LEGO® bricks.


Bonus!  The opportunity to network with others and build your connections through shared experiences.


Available Sessions Dates/Times:

  • November 16 from 8:30am to 12:30pm

Enfield CT