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Team Leadership – Unlock the Magic!

From: $699.00


Team Leadership – Unlock the Magic!


This fun and creative method using LEGO® bricks aligns your individual leadership talents with team leadership techniques.  It is a great way to plan for resistance behaviors and to unlock your change management skill sets.  We leave you revitalized and more excited to lead your team.

This program has customized building experiences to

  • Build confidence and knowledge;
  • Create a more collaborative and cohesive team experience;
  • Uncover leadership talents and development leadership behaviors;
  • All while having fun and learning how to communicate in a different way.


You leave revitalized, more aligned and communicative, and it’s a great way to help you unlock hidden talents and development opportunities for the future.


This four-hour session is constructed with team leadership in mind.  We use LEGO ® Bricks for hands-on play and hard fun where individuals collaborate, innovate, and communicate differently, unlocking individual and untapped potential.


Available Sessions Dates/Times:

  • November 9 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm


Contact us if you would like a custom session for your team or organization.