The Gift of Feedback

13 Oct The Gift of Feedback


The Gift of Feedback

This week we want you to focus on ‘perception of you’ by reaching out to colleagues, friends and family members to begin utilizing feedback for personal growth.  Using the same 5 questions from last week, ask people for their responses about you, listen and record what they have to say.  Use their perspective to further develop your strengths and to learn about your areas for growth.

In last week’s blog we asked you to take seven days and write the response to five questions  How did it go?  What did you learn about yourself?  What conversations can you start to help you practice with your new gift?

Feedback Hints

To help you prepare a bit, here are two behavior assessments, Assessment.  Read each question and rate yourself according to the scale.  What did you learn?  Do you need further development in the area of giving or receiving feedback?  Can you share this with someone else so they can practice with you?

Remember, feedback meant to stimulate a conversation.  It is the gift of learning more about your strengths and understanding where/how to leverage your strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

When giving feedback consider using the Three C model – Concrete, Constructive and Caring.

  • Concrete: Be specific, describe the positive or negative behavior you observe, give examples, and aim at behaviors for change.
  • Constructive: Help the person learn and develop, describe the consequences of the behavior and if applicable suggest alternatives. Prepare when giving constructive feedback.
  • Caring: Be kind and invest in the relationship, only give feedback when you can give it in kind.  Think about the timing and look to the future, don’t dwell on the past

When receiving feedback consider using the Three S Model – Stay, Seek, and Synthesize

  • Stay: Remember someone cares about you enough to give you feedback so listen to what they have to say
  • Seek to understand: Ask clarifying questions in order to understand the full opportunity (gift)
  • Synthesize: Appreciate the feedback and then decide what information you can use & what information needs to be parked or discarded.

Cherishing the Gift of Feedback

Feedback is an amazing gift.  Appreciate the gift even when it might not be delivered in the best way.  Always assume positive intent and practice, practice, practice.  It gets easier and more effective when you consistently deliver quality feedback to someone.