Intraprenuers: Does Your Company Have Any?

06 Dec Intraprenuers: Does Your Company Have Any?

Intreprenuers Grow Ideas

“Intraprenuership is an ATTITUDE, not a department.” – Dawn Elyzabeth


Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs, within a large firm, who use entrepreneurial skills and thinking to solve problems and innovate.  These people are willing to take a risk, to step out of the corporate norm, and are essential for companies to grow.  The question is are corporations ready to embrace people with these qualities or will corporations drive them away?

Recognize Intrapreneurs Before They Leave

A Harvard Business Review blog states, “Intrapreneurs can transform an organization more quickly and effectively than others because they are self‐motivated free thinkers, and masters at navigating around bureaucratic and political inertia.”  The six patterns for stimulating an environment of intraprenuership starts with leadership.  Leaders need to embrace these ‘out of the box thinkers’ and be more risk tolerant.  Research has found 70% of successful entrepreneurs have gotten their ideas while working for an employer.  After pitching the idea and continually being shut down they have left the company.

Patterns for Intraprenuer Satisfaction:

  • Money is not THE measurement:   Intraprenuers want to be influencers with freedom.  It is about knowing the idea was successful, not the money.
  • Strategic Scanning:  These individuals are agents of change.  They are not sitting around waiting for the world to change, they are already thinking ‘what if’.
  • Greenhousing:   Intraprenuers plant seeds, then continually fertilize, feed, water, and shine the light on the idea as it takes root.
  • Visual Thinking:  These individuals are visual thinkers.  They use a combination of brainstorming, mindmapping and design thinking.
  • Pivoting:  This is when Intraprenuers courageously shift from the current strategy and share their ‘what if’ scenario.
  • Authenticity and Integrity:  These individuals demonstrate attributes of confidence and humility.  They recognize the talents in others and help them shine.


Job Performance Formula

During the reading of the Principles of Management textbook by Chuck Williams for a class I’m teaching at Bay Path University, a formula for job satisfaction comes to mind. Job Satisfaction = Motivation x Ability x Situational Constraints.  This formula can be applied quite nicely to determine the length of time an Intraprenuer will stay motivated and productive depending on the organizational culture.

What is your organizational culture like?  Will an Intraprenuer survive?  What employees are leaving?  What are their exit interviews telling you?  What is your leadership and your organization doing to embrace these skill sets?

Building a Culture of Intraprenuership

When your organization is ready to embrace an intraprenuerial culture, call Leading to Unlock, LLC.  We are here to help unlock the potential within your team, and help you build a change-ready what-if culture.  860-930-6521