4 Soft Skills New College Graduates Need

28 Nov 4 Soft Skills New College Graduates Need

The 2016 Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report states, “87 percent of new college graduates feel well-prepared for their job upon graduation. Yet, only about half of the managers surveyed felt that their employees who recently graduated from college were well-prepared for the workforce.” 


These four skills require the demonstration of leadership and communication skills.  The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method helps individuals acquire these skills through facilitated sessions using LEGO® bricks, play and communication skills.  Building with LEGO® bricks utilizes cognitive, visual, and intellectual skills in a safe and creative environment.

4 Skills Needed:

Writing Skills – Roughly 44 percent of managers cited writing proficiency as the top skill lacking in their new-graduate hires. Writing for business is different.  Remember the basic rule of communication, you are writing for your audience.

Public Speaking – This was the second-ranked skill employers were disappointed in. Public speaking isn’t just speaking in front of a large audience. This also includes communicating effectively during meetings.

Data Analysis – Data is everywhere and impacts almost every role in an organization, from accounting to customer service.  It is essential to take data and translate it into business relevant information for timely decision making and performance discussions.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving – About 60 percent of employers said critical thinking and problem solving skills were the top soft skills lacking among new college-graduate employees.


The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops are hands-on and minds-on.  The session is facilitated and delivered in a fun and intense “leaning-in” atmosphere. This approach allows the participants to experience the build first, and then reflect on that experience.  We have a 100% participation rate for our group sessions.

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