The Iguana: Parallel to Business Ownership

02 May The Iguana: Parallel to Business Ownership

The Iguana: Thick Skinned, Adaptive, Resilient, Ever-Changing

As I sat on the beach in St. Croix I enjoyed watching the Iguana’s and couldn’t help make the parallel to business owners.   It got me thinking about how adaptive they are despite their ever changing environment and how quick and nimble they can be when chasing away prey (a competitor) or attraction a potential mate (a customer).

Dinosaur or Pioneer

The iguana could be considered a dinosaur however I like to think of them as a pioneer.  In an Aurora-Expedition post on May 28, 2021, “Iguanas are thought to have come from South America floating to the Galapagos Islands on vegetation.  Here, an estimated 10.5 million years ago, they split into two main sub-species – land and marine.”   In another article by Alina Bradford from Life Science Magazine, “The mother iguana lays hers eggs and then the baby iguanas are completely on their own for the three years it takes to fully mature because their mother never returns.  Many young never make it maturity.” 

Think about it, 10.5 million years of existence!  What an amazing representation of resilience, adaptation, survivorship, growth and longevity!  These creatures have crossed oceans, continents, and are still in existence just like many businesses.  Dinosaurs still exist in many forms, and they still continue to roam the earth because they adapted to their environment.  They made the necessary changes during their exploration of the business landscape for which they faced.  The dinosaurs, who are fossils now, are recorded in history books or museums.  They are explored, studied and examined in order to reinvent and avoid making the same mistakes.

Creature Comforts

These creatures are comfortable in their own skins.  The iguanas basked in the sun, chased each other around, climbed trees, snacked on the fruit and berries, and changed colors depending on their environment.  They posed for photographs and moved quickly away when a threat was posed, only to reappear somewhere else in another skin color.  Sometimes they were green as they sat atop a bush, brown and rough when on the ground, and colorful to attract a mate.  I saw a creature that despite amazing odds have survived, adapted and continued to enjoy life.  They are in a tropical environment, healthy and happy.    Many business owners don’t spend the time to think about this because they are so engulfed “in their business” they forget to enjoy business ownership.  Isn’t that a life many business owners dream about?  What are your plans for health and happiness?

The Iguana is a Metaphor for Being True to Thyself

I consider the iguana to be a metaphor for the business owner because they may have to grow a thick skin, they may have to develop claws to drag themselves uphill, and they may have to, at times, adapt to their business environment.  However, the one thing we must do is be true to who we are and take the time to understand what will make us happy during this journey. 

One way to do this is to create a core set of values and a roadmap for your business.  The values will be your compass and the roadmap will be your plans to get you where you want to go.  Many business owners do not take the time to do these two foundational steps before opening their doors.  This leads to frustration, exhaustion, and in many cases closure and self-deprecating thoughts of failure. 

Rediscover, Redefine or Redesign

Let’s talk a little about taking the time NOW to rediscover, redefine and redesign (if needed) your business.  I started my business in November of 2016 with the mission of helping small business owners. I wanted to leverage my knowledge, expertise, skills and continuous improvement mindset to help them build their roadmaps for the future. My overall mission hasn’t changed, however my approach to helping business owners has evolved to include 3D models, fun, creativity and education. 

There are many business consultants out there and it is important for you to find a person who works with you, helps you with the roadblocks you face, and one that doesn’t financially break the bank.  My philosophy aligns well with the saying, “Give a woman a fish, and you feed her for a day.  Teach a woman to fish, and you feed her for a lifetime.”  My objective is to build the talent within your business and put myself out of a job.  I don’t offer a magic wand that can be waved and everything will be okay.  What I offer is a caring and creative problem solver who provides a return on your investment.   A bit of an “oxymoron” for a business consultant, I know, and it is my promise to my business clients. It is still my mission to help business owners unlock the hidden potential within their organizations using 3D methods, fun and creativity.  I invite you to set up a discovery session with me,

, so we can investigate what opportunities are in front of you.